BIG Impact, For BIG Causes with Small-ish Budgets

MOXIE DESIGN CO. wants to help non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve the health and wealth of our community. With smaller marketing budgets and staffing limitations in mind, we invite qualifying non-profit organizations to participate in the Social Impact Program. However big or small your budget may be, and whether your need is a single project or a comprehensive suite of graphics and marketing materials, MOXIE DESIGN CO. will match your budget and donate back an equal value of work. Let us help your organization achieve its communications goals and save you hours of staff time so that you can get to back to what you do best to enrich our community.

Does your organization have an annual marketing plan? Awesome…we can use that to guide what activities to focus on, and when. Don’t have an annual marketing plan? We can help you with that too. And we can help you brainstorm your “if we had the time and money” wish list so that when you don’t have an immediate need, we can start checking off some of the things that keep getting moved to the back burner… like updating the annual report template or replacing the outdated logo in your email signature.

We will work together to come up with a one-time, or monthly budget that works for you. It can be $50 or $500…you name it. Whatever you decide, we will donate back an equal value of work.

For example, say you can allocate $200/month towards your communications strategy. We donate back an equivalent $200 in work, giving you a monthly communications package valued at $400.

Here is an example of what a $400 package could include:

  • A new Powerpoint presentation template
  • 2 workshop fliers
  • An event logo
  • Website announcements/updates for the month

We will deliver high-quality graphics be used across a variety of media and projects, and training on how to use those graphics to engage your constituents and catch the attention of potential donors that want to serve your organization.

Ready to talk about your project? Let’s start here! Need to run this info by your team? Download it here.


Don’t be shy…

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